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Our Mission

To help your company become more international

Our Commitment

To guarantee that your company’s communication is:

- perfectly clear and understandable for the market you want to target

- exactly what you want to say



We translate your written texts from one language to another.

It all started with French to English back in the day. Our customers' needs helped us to develop our offer, and now we can handle pretty much any combination. Over the last 11 years, millions of words have been translated about a multitude of subjects.

At Chapeau Melon, people are still very much at the heart of what we do. You will have a personal contact with us, and we have personal contact with our translators. We won't give you the usual industry BS about having thousands of translators at our service. We prefer to keep things up-close and personal.

We believe that translation is about meaning, not just about words, and even though robots might well be on their way, we'll still be needing people to tell the difference between a kettle of fish and a dog's dinner.


Chapeau Melon provides top quality interpreters for your conference needs. Since 2006 we have accompanied our clients on hundreds of missions across the globe. We take special care to ensure that we send the right people to take care of your message.

Depending on your needs, we can provide interpreters for simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, and advise you for the technical solution (translation booths and equipment).

We also do whatever we can to respect working conditions for our team of interpreters, and are proud of our long-standing relationship with the team.

Our team

Derek co-founded Chapeau Melon with Charles in 2006. Tragically, he passed away on December 27th 2015.

Derek was a fabulous interpreter, a great businessman and pretty damn good in the kareoke bars. We won't talk about his golf swing.

The show must go on!


Charles remains the owner of Chapeau Melon, and is never too far away from the business.

He decided to work in Sustainability in 2015 and has big dreams of becoming a social business angel and philanthropist.

Anne is the Big Cheese, Le Grand Fromage, El Gran Queso.
She is the boss!

Contact her!


Profile:  Social Sciences, Project Management, Bilingual FR/EN, Mother of 3, Dancer, Volunteer, Town Councillor, Wife, Gin and Wine appreciator... Ultra reactive, she will do her best to respond to your needs.


Chapeau Melon

2 rue de l'Abreuvoir, 59551 Attiches




Anne Biskupski Felgate : +33 (0)6 26 77 18 35

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